Minecraft Building by Astrium

Astrium is made up of the leading builders in Minecraft, and we are excited to turn your idea into reality. We can help you turn your little idea, or your grand design into reality.

Who are Astrium?

Astrium is one of the longest-running, successful build teams that continue to operate in Minecraft. With over 300 satisfied customers and 2,000,000+ downloads. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our customers and our players. Founded in early 2015, Astrium first grew as a build team and quickly became one of the top build teams still operating within Minecraft to this day.

Why hire Astrium?

Industry Leading Builders

We have been a professional build team since 2015, working with some of the top creators and brands in the world in that time. We are now coming back to the Java commission space. Our team consists of the best builders in the industry, and when you work with Astrium we guarantee that you receive the best experience.

Official Minecraft Partners

We have officially partnered with Minecraft. Creating content for the Minecraft bedrock community.

Quality Maintained

Over the last 7 years of working with Minecraft, we have come to know everything there is about it. When you work with us, you are not just getting a build team; you are getting those 7 years of experience to help guide you through the creation process, helping you to refine your idea and improve your design so that your audience gets the best possible experience.

We also offer lifetime storage of all your commissions with us. If in 5 years you are looking for a copy of the build you ordered with us; we will be able to provide it to you at no additional cost.

Our commission process is heavily designed around giving you access to see every revision and be involved in every detail. We can guide you through the process whilst giving you a chance to understand every detail and design.

Our Work

Our Pricing?

We offer 100% unique, original designs made and designed with your request in mind. We will always price our quotes based on your order. The complexity, the size, the timeframe. If you want to get your quote, join our discord, fill in a ticket and tell us more!

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Not ready for custom?

Starting your dream Minecraft project is hard. It can also be really expensive! We get that not everyone wants to or can get custom builds for every little thing. That’s why we built CBA 2 Craft, the best place to get high-quality, low-price builds quickly.